Idea 3 : Men and their cars

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Shelby GT500 2014Do you have a car?

If yes, do you know how many miles you’ve done with your set of tires ? And your brake pads or your brake discs ?

It’s amazing, on automotive forums, to see the number of people who record everything they do on their car, with the corresponding mileage.

This is not the most fun thing in the world, but these people are doing the good thing !

There is an important follow to ensure the health and quality of all parts of our car : the number of miles or kilometers.

Bean’s Legacy will provide a simple solution to automate and monitor the life of your car.

As always with Bean’s Legacy, everyone can follow what it wants. For example:

  • Number of miles or kilometers traveled each year,
  • Number of miles or kilometers with new tires,
  • Number of miles or kilometers with the discs or brake pads,
  • Number of miles or kilometers traveled from oil change,

And for the true fan, you can easily save the number of cleaning, polishing , repair, tuning… Anyway, everyone can monitor what it wants.

If in addition Bean ‘s Legacy puts all these data in pretty graphics, it will be essential isn’t it ?

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