Idea 2 : The joy of public transport

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Underground and delayedIf you use public transport regularly, you should not be immuned by delays and cancellations ?

The official communication which is broadcast every year announces a punctuality of 90, 92, 95 % … Do you agree with that ?

We can’t be compensated because the official figures are still “real”, and shows that the situation is not as bad as the users say.

But what would happen if each of us can say precisely :

  • How many trips ?
  • How many incidents encountered ?
  • How many delays cumulated each day ?
  • How much time is wasted over a year ?

Bean’s Legacy will offer a solution to easily count it all.

And as Bean’s Legacy will be easy to use, and as you have something else to do than fill out a long form, Bean’s Legacy will do it in 2 or 3 clicks.

Simple, fast, and practical !

With precise figures, we can share on social networks with other users and compare our scores 🙂

Maybe we can claim compensation from such enterprises ? We can dream !

But in the meantime, we will concretely know how much time we lose in public transport 🙂

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