Material Design and the choice of colors

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Lollipop and Material Design

Android vesion 5, aka Android Lollipop, arrived with a new API and new recommendations for a design with a new style that Google called Material Design.

The best known applications gradually migrate to Material Design: Google Play Store, Gmail, Evernote, Twitter …

Google describes the base of Material Design in an official guide:

You can also find many lectures on YouTube, including those in IO2014.

The colors in Material Design

The basis of any successful design, it is the harmony of colors. This is the topic of this page because also on this topic, Google founded a way to make our lives easier, offering us to choose 2 colors: a main color and a secondary color.

Google offers a wide range of colors which avoids us to mix any color. This palette is visible at this address:

For example here’s the red grid recommended:

Material Design - Red Palette

If like me, you are still not comfortable, so why not use a tool to simulate what might give those colors when they mix and how to use them in different color classes of your themes? This tool exists, it is free and it’s online at:

You choose a primary color and a secondary color with a single click.

Material Palette - Choosing colors

You can see the result.

Material Palette - Result

If you like it, then this tool tells you what palette to use in your application.

Material Palette - Your custom palette

This tool is simple, but it allows you to start a new application without bad taste 😉

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