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What do we want to do ?

BeansLegacy is a simple idea but it will be helpful … at least to me: p

BeansLegacy will not be a game, so no birds, no fairy no heroe.

BeansLegacy has a minimalist interface. I’m not a graphic designer and I have no talent for drawing. We will try not to make a lousy thing either;)

BeansLegacy will look like a contact list, a calendar, a notepad, a shopping list…

Ok it’s less fun than a game but we have to start and learn right? 😉

Priority features

First, we made ​​a list of the main features of the application.

For BeansLegacy we have :

  • Counting events manually
  • Counting events automatically
  • Draw graphics
  • Make calculations with dates
  • Save data on my Android device

To make all this available, think about the user interface. Each mobile system has its own characteristics to do userfriendly UI. A new user of your application have to easily understand how it works. It is therefore advisable not to stray too far from these principles, unless you are a designer, an ergonomist, or if you have a revolutionary idea. This is not my case :p

User interface (design)


First, we simply draw what we want to do:
* Drawing overview + detail

So we want a list of items and when we click on an item we want to see details. Classic!

Android simplifies UI

An application contains not only that we drew earlier.

Consider for example, the user interface of Gmail.

* Screenshot

Almost all applications have a horizontal bar in the header of the application that offers several features: it is the ActionBar.

Android ActionBar

Android ActionBar (credit)

  1. An icon, which sometimes serves as a button to return to the home or return to the previous screen of the application.
  2. A title (or search area, or drop-down list…).
  3. Icons to launch actions like a menu.
  4. An icon that provides access to all menu icons that don’t have enough screen space or that we don’t want to display directly, to extand the main menu.

New applications are also another element : NavigationDrawer.

Android NavigationDrawer

Android NavigationDrawer (credit)

This element may be practical to isolate different functions previously found in the menu.

Now we identified the main functions and main elements of the UI. We must keep our final goal in mind and break it down into micro goals.

The first goal is to found how we can write Android program. Any idea? Notepad? It is possible but there is much, much better: Android Studio!

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