Enable developer mode on Android

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Developer mode

You can test your application on your phone without using the Play Store. Simply connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable.

Depending on your version of Android, you sometimes have to choose between mass storage mode and developer mode.

Sometimes there is a specific manufacturer mode (eg Samsung Kies Mode).

From Android 4.0, it’s possible that you don’t see the developer mode, as if it didn’t exist. The function is hidden and you have to enable it.

To enable developer mode on your Android device, just go to settings of your devices and then click About phone.


Then click 4 times in succession on the version number of your Android system.


A message should appear on the screen indicating stealthily that the developer mode is enabled : this kind of short message is called a Toast.

To check if the developer mode is enabled, simply return to the settings on your phone, and you should see a new entry in the menu: Developer options.


To start, no need to go into these options. If you want to disable the developer mode, simply go into this new entry, and disable the developer mode (top right of the window).


It also works on tablet :p

What if my application is not installed?

It is important to tell Android that you want to install an application that is not from the Play Store.

Just go to the options of your phone, and click Security.

Then you check Unknown sources.


Have good test ! 😉

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