BeansLegacy, what is this ?

The adventure begins with an idea of mobile application for Android. This application will help us to easily answer the question “How many ?” and I call this project BeansLegacy.

I think this application can be used by many people, for example in situations exposed on

Before answering the question “How many?”, I will have to answer the question “How?”. How to change this idea into a real Android application ?

Simple or complex idea, it depends on our level of programming. Ouch! The word is out: programming.

And if I know nothing about programming?

An IT project, it is not a just program or an application. We must manage the needs, communication, deployment…

For BeansLegacy project, I propose a different way of seeing things : and if it was a puzzle?

Each piece of the puzzle is explained on this site, and at every step we will learn what we need to know, like the main concepts of the Android programming.

Simple knowledge of Java language are a plus. If this is not your case, read any book or website for beginners at the same time you read this site, and you will follow this project easily.

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All steps of this project :

  1. Identify the first pieces of the puzzle.
  2. Which software to create Android apps ?
  3. My first Android application with Android Studio.
  4. How to create a virtual Android device to easyly test your application ?
  5. Enable Developer mode on Android to test your application.
  6. Translate an app. Think about it at the very beginning.
  7. Android Studio Update and Gradle update : a study case to understand what happen.
  8. How to choose colors for your Android apps – Introduction to Material Design.
  9. Create an app with an Action Bar and a fragment, with the best compatibility (soon in english – available in french).
  10. Copy an Android project and rename it with Android Studio (soon in english – available in french).
  11. Migrate an Android project to Material Design (soon in english – available in french).
  12. Create a simple list of elements (ListView) in a fragment (soon).
  13. How to use several layout in one list (soon).
  14. Add a side menu (NavigationDrawer) usnig Material Design (soon).
  15. Manage the display of a liste in landscape orientation with fragments (soon).
  16. Easyly code String and list of String (soon).
  17. Correctly display words in plural in different languages (soon).
  18. Generate online and for free an icon for an Android app (soon).

This post is also available in 2 - Lire cette page en français.